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Welcome to mosquito-free outdoor living! With our services, you now have the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful surroundings without being bothered by annoying mosquitoes. It will also be comforting to know that our Repel+Plus treatment is great for children and pets, and will prevent ticks as well. Imagine the freedom of spending time in your backyard without spraying harsh repellent, or lighting those smelly candles that don’t work. At The Rocky Mountain Mosquito Authority we take pride in providing our customers with a guaranteed mosquito-free environment. It’s time to take back your yard!
Providing mosquito-free yards in Steamboat Springs, CO and surrounding areas!


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If our customers are happy, that means we’re doing it right! Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we GUARANTEE it! If you are ever bothered by mosquitoes between treatments, all you have to do is call. We’ll come back out, re-evaluate your property and re-treat free of charge.

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“My family has lived in our current home for over 10 years. Each summer

season we used to be hampered by the volume of mosquitoes that invaded

our outdoor living space. Then we found The Mosquito Authority. They

provided a service that eradicated the mosquito population in our yard and

we were again able to enjoy spending countless hours outside during the

summer months having a BBQ or playing sports with our kids. Gino and his

team offered exceptional service and professionalism, as well as a service

that is not toxic to the environment or animals! My family would recommend

The Mosquito Authority to everyone!”

– The Roscoe Family, Highlands Ranch, CO

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REPEL+PLUS Mosquito Treatment

Our proprietary REPEL+PLUS mosquito treatment is more than just a barrier spray. Our comprehensive program breaks the mosquito lifecycle to keep the disease-carrying pests out of your yard – and your life – all season long.

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Our Steamboat Mosquito Authority team: Gino and Erin

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