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Last year our franchisees performed over 500,000 residential service treatments to the benefit of their customers, themselves and their families.

Current Franchisees That Made the Decision to Join Us
Mike Allen
Mike Allen - Franchise Owner Testimonial
Anthony Duncan
Anthony Duncan - Franchise Owner Testimonial
Haze Lancaster
Haze Lancaster - Franchise Owner Testimonial
Joel and Jenny Denny
Joel and Jenny Denny - Franchise Owner Testimonial
Secure Your Territory... AND YOUR FUTURE.

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  • A Mutual Decision: We have been in business since 2003 and support over 161 franchisees in 350 territories. As a successful franchisor, we understand your success - is our success. To that end our "getting to know you" process is laid-back and personalized. Our new franchisee development process is not about making a sale, it’s about educating each other to make an educated mutual decision, if we are right for each other. If we are, we will both have the opportunity to experience mutual long-term benefits together.
  • Our Process: Brace yourself. We aren’t interested to persuade you to do something that you are not suited to do. After an informational call, if you want to take the next step, and we agree, we will have you complete a “Getting to Know You” form. At that point, we will explain in detail, how our franchisees built successful businesses through our world class training, 1st year success coaching, technology, operational and marketing – turn key- proven systems.
  • A Proven Track Record: Last year our franchisees performed over 400,000 residential mosquito treatments. We’ve experienced double digit growth every year since we started operating franchises throughout the country. There is not much we haven’t experienced in this business and developed the proven processes to manage each situation you will encounter. We look forward to unpacking how former policemen, fireman, small business owners and stay at home moms have built highly successful businesses via each proven process within our franchise system.
  • The Community You Will Join. Once you begin, get ready for the ride of your life. Our community is an uplifting, positive group of franchisees and headquarter team members interested in your continual growth. Based on their common goals and pursuit of success, many of our new franchisees have built lasting professional and personal relationships with our existing franchisees. If you are ready to learn more- contact us now.
A Worthy Legacy
Own a Professional Franchise Business with Family Values

At Mosquito Authority we are continual learners, always up-leveling our industry knowledge and operations. Even with exponential growth every year- we know where we came from and the family values that are foundational to our futures.

We learn. We share. We get better. We grow. We succeed. TOGETHER.
A Legacy in the Making: Stephen Hillenmeyer and his sons, Chase and Seth operate a family business in Lexington, Kentucky that just celebrated its 175th year anniversary! They also own and successfully operate 2 Mosquito Authority franchises in their area.
Secure Your Territory... AND YOUR FUTURE.

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