Mosquito-Borne Diseases

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The threat is real. Check out this video by the American Mosquito Control Association…


Mosquito-borne diseases can be hard to detect and difficult to treat, often presenting as other more common illnesses like the flu. The links below outline mosquito-borne illnesses commonly transmitted by the mosquitoes, as well as the signs and symptoms you should look out for.



A few simple steps can drastically reduce your risk of contracting a mosquito-borne disease by reducing the mosquito population around your home and avoiding being bitten. Remember to DRAIN, DRESS & DEFEND!


While nothing can eliminate the threat entirely, when performed properly by trained professionals, back yard mosquito treatments can help to reduce the danger and risk posed by disease-carrying mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Authority’s REPEL+PLUS Mosquito Treatment will break the mosquito lifecycle and all but eliminate mosquitoes from your yard – and your life – all summer long.

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